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No request is too big or small - and every solution is personally considered.


Finding a place to stay is the first step in calling Girona, "home".  But a home is so much more than bricks and mortar.  A home is made by adding personal touches and conveniences.  At Girona Solutions, we'd love to help create your home to arrive to. 


Our services include accepting of deliveries, storage of personal items, delivery of groceries, cleaning and sourcing additional soft furnishings and appliances.

Speak to us to arrange these personalised small, but welcoming touches ahead of your arrival in Girona.

Arriving - Service page


The process of applying for residency does not have to be intimidating.  

Understanding that each application is unique, we have identified reliable partners that can assist in the various administrative requirements of becoming a legal resident in Girona at discounted rates for clients of Girona Solutions. 

Together with these partners, you will be guided through your residency application from start to finish, including; Town Hall registration (Volant d'empadronament), NIE application, the opening of a bank account, medical insurance and the residency application. 

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Life carries on once you've moved into a new city.  Often, a small technological or DIY emergency will creep up before you've been able to familiarise yourself with a solution just yet.  


We're always around to offer a local recommendation of someone or somewhere that will be able to assist with things like handymen, vets, electronic repairs - or perhaps simply a great beautician.

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