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Nadine Wakefield and Sophie Verhoeven

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Franka Birn-Abrahamsen @girona_my_love

A dynamic team

Nadine Wakefield and Anne-Sophie Verhoeven

Anne-Sophie has earned an excellent reputation in Girona, by finding many expats long-term accommodation, through Girona Homes. This is exactly how Sophie and Nadine first met. 

Relocating from Cape Town, South Africa, Nadine relied heavily on Sophie's vast local knowledge, to find solutions to a range of needs when settling in Girona. 

With Nadine's 15 years in Brand Management experience at a Real Estate firm, her and Sophie soon started working together for Girona Homes.  It is here, that the idea to make moving to Girona an easy and pleasant experience was born. 

Having first hand experience of the uncertainties, questions and general lack of local knowledge - the gaps so adequately filled by Sophie, this friendship and business concept was born. 

Together, their goal is to find personalised solutions for you in Girona, that ultimately make living here exactly what you had dreamed it would be. 

Personalised Service

There is no one-size-fits-all approach.  All options are  considered to meet your exact needs.  No request is too big or too small.

Inspired Solutions

Our approach is to be both creative and proactive in finding your solutions by actively researching and engaging with the Girona community.



We undeniably support the many talented and original artisans,  local retail outlets and businesses in our quest to provide solutions



We're passionate about creating a growing community in Girona that share experiences and solutions with each other. 

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